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State Grid Corporation to strengthen the bidding management


State Grid Corporation will fully implement the system in the company bidding for centralized management, the establishment of corporate headquarters and provincial companies two management systems, headquarters and provincial companies bidding management center as functions of the department to fulfill management responsibilities bidding, responsible for the move centralized management of the tender. August 16 morning, the State Grid Corporation in Beijing held a meeting on the work plans.
State Grid Corporation of party members, deputy general manager Zhengbao Sen attended the meeting and delivered an important speech. Zhengbao Sen stressed that strengthening the centralized management of the bidding, the establishment of corporate headquarters and provincial companies two tender management system is the party from the company's development, network development, team building important to make the overall situation of the deployment. The aim is to improve the quality of construction of power grids to ensure grid security and stability; improve the operational efficiency of the company group and the overall economy; strengthen the clean government, to curb corruption from the source. Leaders at all levels must attach great importance to carefully understand and carry out the bidding management, deployment of the company party put in place.


The meeting reviewed the past year, management of bidding the work situation. Over the past year, the size of the company by focusing on the practice of bidding, the initial formation of a set of strict specifications, the basic science of bidding procedures and processes: a focus on the size of the preparation of tender documents for tender standardized model; establish a series of bidding methods and systems. Headquarters of the scale of the operation of the tender specification system is taking shape, two tenders for the building management system the company has laid a good foundation. To August 2006, the company headquarters in the success of the scale of ten focus group bidding for the project to meet the needs of the organization of some provincial companies bidding alone, the total bid amount of 28.8 billion lower than the project budget $ 2.6 billion in capital section rate 8%.

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