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Advantages:Very small dissipation factor, small volume, light weight, small inherent temperature rise, excellent self-healing stability, safety and high reliability.It is safe because the capacitor is installed with discharge resistor and temperature fuze.

Applications:Power factor correction of transformers and magnetic ballasts in discharge lamps like fluorescent lamps, high pressure sodium vapor lamps,high pressure mercury vapor lamps,and metal halide lamps,etc.

Product Model: CBB80C
Product Name: Lighting capacitor CBB80C01



Model reference:CBB80C
Rated Voltage:250Vac
Rated Frequency:50/60Hz
Rated Capacitance:3μF to 60μF
Capacitance tolerance:+/-10% or +/-5% (upon request.)
Rated Min.&Max. temperatures: -40~+85 degrees
Climatic category:40/85/21
Protection Degree:P0
Dissipation Factor:less than 0.002 at 50Hz,20 degrees
Test Voltage between terminals:2Un,60sec
Test Voltage between terminals and case: 2KV,60sec
Reference Standard: EN61048,EN61049
Case type: Plastic case
Terminals:4-way quick connector
Fixing: M8 metal stud

Capacitance(μF) Rated voltage(V) Frequency(Hz) Diameter(Ømm) Length(mm) 外壳
L1 L
3~15 250 50-60 30 60 80 塑料
16-20 250 50-60 30 78 98 塑料
21-28 250 50-60 30 98 118 塑料
30-40 250 50-60 35 95 115 塑料
45-50 250 50-60 40 95 115 塑料
60 250 50-60 45 95 115 塑料


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